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Ridiculous holiday eating advice

Today I was waiting for my husband at the doctor’s office. I looked through a little mini-magazine that said “WebMD” and “Diabetes” on it. One page had some advice for holiday eating, including the strangest such advice I’d seen in … Continue reading

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Fat is the go-to metaphor and point of comparison

Ever notice how fat/the obesity epidemic seems to be people’s go-to metaphor or point of comparison? When we found out how deadly loneliness is, we said it was deadlier than obesity. When commenting on how much Americans were panicking about … Continue reading

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The advice column letter-writer who complains about SO’s weight: an unreliable narrator

I happen to believe it’s sane, not shallow, for you to balk at marriage (!) with someone you apparently don’t like as much as you used to. I generally respect Carolyn Hax and the advice she gives. And in the … Continue reading

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