This is what an apocalypse looks like

And here I thought an apocalypse would be the sort of thing where, as a thoroughly domesticated human being, I’d be dead within a month. Turns out I’m in the midst of one right now.

You see, we are currently experiencing an “obesity apocalypse”, according not to some troll or unpaid blogger, but an actual published writer. And I thought I’d seen some ridiculous hyperbole, sensationalism, and fear-mongering on the obesity epi-panic before this…

Now I kinda want a T-shirt that says, “This is what an apocalypse looks like”.


See, I always thought of an apocalypse as something where people would be subject to sudden, violent death, where life expectancy would drop precipitously assuming there were any surviving humans at all, not something where life expectancy would maybe rise more slowly. (Still rising, though, not dropping.) Something where, say, a zombie virus claims all but a small fraction of the human population, not something where what is arguably the poster disease, diabetes, affects less than 10% of the people in my country.

I wonder what people with real problems, like, say, armed conflict, think about our situation being described as an “apocalypse”.

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