My Big Fat Vacation

Some fat-related things I did or that happened on my recent vacation:

I went on a nature walk about IDing ferns. I may have been the fattest person there, in a group of about a dozen. There was one man who had a larger belly than me but probably a lower BMI. I was also one of only two non-baby-boomers. The other one was one of the hike leaders. I was also one of only two or three who tucked their pants into their socks to avoid ticks and Lyme disease. (Lyme disease protection: HAES FTW!)

I went to the North Atlantic Blues Festival. One of the performers was Popa Chubby. Mavis Staples came on later and said that she liked him and liked his name. She said, “You can call me Mama Chubby”.

I almost bought a Candye Kane CD, Sister Vagabond (I’d already bought quite a few CDs and wasn’t sure I should buy any more), which led my dad to buy it instead. Until recently (perhaps a side effect of a recent bout with cancer?) Candye Kane was a self-identified BBW; her old bio (the one that came up during my vacation) is still here, at least for now. (Her new bio is here.)

I bought a CD from Ben Prestage, one of the performers. One of the songs on it was called “Big Fat Mama”. I thought that it was a cover of the song “Big Fat Mama” that Memphis Slim performs on the album Live At The Hot Club, but the two don’t sound much alike. Ben Prestage’s site lists it as “traditional”. About 2/3 of the lyrics I’ve heard in one song or another (not unusual in a blues or folk song); this part is unfamiliar to me, though, so maybe it’s written by Ben Prestage:

I like them pretty girls that weigh a pound per ounce

Them skinny girls shake it, but it don’t bounce

Like a big-legged woman, who make a big-eyed man go blind

And a man like me will make a big-leg girl lose her mind

I looked on YouTube to see if the Memphis Slim version was there, and didn’t find it, but did find a similar version by Roy Milton. I found a Tommy Johnson version that isn’t particularly similar to either the Ben Prestage one or the Roy Milton/Memphis Slim one. (If Tommy Johnson sounds familiar and you aren’t much of a blues fan, it could be because he was a character in O Brother Where Art Thou. [And yes, he is supposed to be Tommy Johnson, not Robert Johnson. I believe it was at this website that I first learned It Was Tommy Johnson, not Robert Johnson (though other sites also say that this is the case). But everyone worships Robert Johnson so we have to pretend like he did everything! /nerdrage]) And a Pinetop Perkins version that is somewhat similar to the Memphis Slim/Roy Milton version.

I brought my yoga mat and the case to Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga with me, but left the DVD in my DVD player at home, so just did whatever yoga poses I felt like doing. We had enough other stuff planned that I only did yoga once, though. I ended up using my yoga mat more often (every other day) to do my plantar fasciitis exercises. (HAES FTW?)

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2 Responses to My Big Fat Vacation

  1. hpliebekraft says:

    A lot of blues songs seem to appreciate the lady who has some meat on her bones. Of course I have nothing against people of any size, but when so much of culture not only celebrates thinness but actively hates larger body types, it’s nice to find appreciation for those of a more robust size.

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