Fluff: Fat Art

Ursula Vernon is an artist and author I’ve been following off and on for about a decade. Her work often features characters that are inbetweenies, as well as the occasional outright fat character (especially her later work). I like her art, and I like her descriptions/notes on the art even more! So I made a list with links to some of my favorite pieces by her that depict inbetweenie or fat characters.

I say “characters” because many times the subjects are orcs, trolls, fairies, or anthropomorphic animals. Including a pig. And a couple fantasy-type characters with pig companions. (While I’m firmly in the fat-is-just-a-descriptor camp, I object to using animal words like “pig” or “cow” as a synonym/insult for fat. But pigs are pretty cool animals once you start to learn about them.) She mostly draws women, especially when it comes to human/humanoid subjects, so I’ve only included one male character.

Warning: a few pieces are NSFW. (Artistic nudity stuff.) Even the art that is SFW may not be accessible from some places–e.g. I think one time I tried to look at her site from a public library computer, and the whole site was blocked.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Orc Nouveau II

Orc Nouveau III

The Old Battleaxe (also an orc!)

General Globberlich (male goblin!)

Animal Companion (pig-related!)

Monk of Mycology (also pig-related!)

Spring Flamenco (also pig-related!)

Cold Sun Redux (There’s not much of description for this one, but I remember one that went something like this: in the past that she had an early version of this with a more typical-fantasy-book-cover-chick (I remember seeing that one), and decided to make a version with a more average-sized woman, with realistic rolls where her stomach bends and whatnot.)

Sea Hag

Walking the Frog

The Puffin’s Corset






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