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Fluff: outdoor adventures and snakes

Tori at Anytime Yoga has a couple posts about going hiking and spotting snakes. Here in the Northern Forest of New England, there aren’t a lot of rattlesnakes. But you may see some snakes on the trails. Here’s a garter … Continue reading

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Fat Agnostics and the New Consensus

There’s another (fairly heavily promoted) article out about how hard it is to maintain radical weight loss. The author is Shannon Chamberlain (who is ambivalent about Fat Acceptance and describes herself as a Fat Agnostic). It’s more of a personal … Continue reading

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Juvenile onset of Type II Diabetes and the demonization of the potato

I came across a study from 2008 that has found that many children categorized as obese are getting too few calories and too little of four different micronutrients. This article at VitalChild has a good summary: Researchers have long blamed … Continue reading

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Fluff: Inside the minds of fat-haters

The Onion takes us inside the minds of fat-haters: A new study has found that despite an increase in obesity, Americans have seen their cholesterol levels fall significantly since the late 1980s, possibly as a result of eating fewer trans … Continue reading

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