On politeness and compassion

This comment over at Fat Heffalump by A Elizabeth had such a good point in it–one that I hadn’t seen made specifically before–that I’m reposting it here:

However, we have to remember that these FA spaces are more than just about politics and social change. They are about healing—recovering from shame and self-harm. Would you pop into a suicide prevention forum and say, “But what about euthanasia?” If not, then please don’t pop into a space where people are recovering from the harm inflicted by the weight loss industry/culture, and say, “But what about weight loss for Syndrome Chi?” In other words, please be consistent with your tact and compassion, as well as your logic!

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One Response to On politeness and compassion

  1. Tact. Too few people have it. It’s good to know though that someone still does. 🙂

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