Hospital reverses discriminatory policy–and changes story

An update to this post–Citizens Medical Center has decided that it will not disqualify doctors from being hired because of their BMIs anymore. Good news for the doctors who may want to work there, and also a good sign that people objected strongly enough that they felt the need to change the policy.

I notice that according to this article in the Victoria Advocate, they no longer even mention the reason quoted in the policy for its existence, that employees “should fit with a representational image or specific mental projection of the job of a healthcare professional,” (according to this article). Instead a nutritionist at the hospital lists several other reasons that are seen as more acceptable, including the effect of BMIs on insurance premiums, not setting the proper health example, and possibly being unable to perform certain physical tasks. Which is just more evidence that people who claim to be concerned about fat people’s health aren’t necessarily telling the truth. Often that is subconscious–our brains make up reasons for us to do things we wanted to do anyway, or even things that we did at random–but at least in this case, they admitted to and even put in writing that it was about looks, then later went back and said that it wasn’t.

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