New image!

I finally got around to adding an avatar image. Here’s the larger picture it was taken from:

I’m kind of proud of it. It’s a picture I took of a rose I grew in my last house [that I rented,  in Downeast Maine]. (Part of the rose has been transplanted to my new house [that I own]. Hopefully it survives!)

I don’t know what kind of rose it is. It was growing wild next to the fire & police station, in a sort of scrubby/brushy area. It has kind of flat blossoms with a button eye and smells REALLY good. It blooms in early spring, with lots of flowers at once. Also, it gets about 6′ tall. I planted it in the spring, and 2 years later, that’s how tall it was. The year after I planted it, there were a few flowers, but the year after that, there were TONS.

Here’s how I acquired it:

Me: See that rose over on the hill?

Guy standing outside, probably works at fire/police station: Nope.

Me [awkwardly]: …There’s a rose over there…

Guy: I’ll believe you.

Me: Would you mind if I dug up a piece of it?

Guy: Go ahead [or something like that].

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3 Responses to New image!

  1. Just found another reason to like my avatar pic. I saw it small and thought for a second, “The Secret of Kells”?

  2. DebraSY says:

    What a sweet story. You rescued the rose and have extended its reach even further. In this endeavor, you are the Potter’s hands, m’dear.

  3. Hm, looks like I forgot to approve your comment, Debra? Unless WordPress is just acting wonky.

    The rose at my new house is still small, but doing well! It made three little flowers this year.

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