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Marion Nestle: Anecdata is better than real data!

I guess Marion Nestle is becoming something of a nemesis of mine? I was looking through the NYT trying to find an article that I’d read earlier, and I came across this article from 2004 with this quote from Marion Nestle: … Continue reading

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Reblog: WTF, Marion Nestle?

I find this very disturbing [emphasis mine]: A certain amount of fat is essential to your body’s functioning. And as you’ve probably heard, all fats are not alike in their effects on blood cholesterol levels, which can affect heart disease risk. Saturated … Continue reading

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Reblog: “Forcing yourself” to exercise

Reblog from my livejournal from November 2010: So I have many thoughts about this article in Wired about stress, but here’s the one I’m going to write about today. They have a little advice sidebar, “Reduce Stress–With Science!” and this is one … Continue reading

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Reblog: Denialism: It’s not denialism when we’re talking about underweight!

Here’s a reblog from my livejournal from December 2010: Fat Acceptance advocates often get called “denialists” for questioning the strength of the link between fat and health. (Some go into what I would agree is denialism, but it doesn’t take … Continue reading

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