Anna Tillinghast

I see occasional comments about how “there were no fat people in the olden days!” and occasional posts with examples of fat people in history to counter such comments. Well, here’s a contribution from me:

Here’s a photo of Anna Tillinghast, the first female District Immigration Commissioner in the US, from 1931.

Anna Tillinghast

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6 Responses to Anna Tillinghast

  1. Gaye deCoux says:

    I came across this post while searching for photos of my children’s great grandmother, Anna. I realize and appreciate the purpose of your comment, but thought that maybe your readers would like a little more background of why Anna may have been so robust. The women in her family tend to have a less than slim body type. She was brilliant, and totally focused on her causes, a Unitarian minister, suffragette, & politician, as well as a wife & mother. She traveled all over the country giving speeches to promote the votes for women. I doubt that she took much time for herself. Although the photos that I have seen of her, show that she took pride in her appearance, I doubt that it was her main concern. We owe so much to women like her.

    • Thanks for your comment, Gaye! She seems like a remarkable woman (there’s also some info about her in the linked article, which is the source of the photo). “Although the photos that I have seen of her, show that she took pride in her appearance, I doubt that it was her main concern.” Yes, there’s so much more to life than one’s appearance!

  2. When I originally wrote this post, I knew I had seen another “fat people in history” post, but couldn’t remember where. It was at Manolo For The Big Girl.

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