Men with imperfect bodies!

This article is pretty mean in its comments on Will Ferrell’s body.

Some highlights:

It must have been comforting for SNL’s writers to know that if inspiration grew sparse, they could simply reveal more of Ferrell’s saggy flesh.

There wasn’t much flesh left to reveal after this 2001 sketch about an inappropriately patriotic office worker. The fat, naked guy is a comedy staple as enduring as the fart joke and the pie-in-the-face. Ferrell, seen here in a stars-and-stripes thong, doesn’t really strain against the gag’s traditional boundaries—especially compared with Borat’s Azamat, who’s eight times fatter and nine times as naked. Ferrell’s spin on the genre is to amp up the obliviousness. Rather than feel humiliated by his lack of six-pack abs, he projects the air that he’s doing us all a favor by offering a glimpse of his bare skin.

Now, Will Ferrell does not have the body of an underwear model. But I think “saggy flesh” is a little much. And I suspect that he has a >25 BMI, but I don’t think he fits the colloquial definition of “fat”. Apparently “lack of six-pack abs”=”fat” in this article?

I always thought of Will Ferrell’s body as sort of a… normal man body, closer to attractive than unattractive, and interpreted the “patriotic office worker” sketch as more about the awkwardness of seeing one of your coworkers in skimpy clothing (and of course, Ferrell’s obliviousness about the awkwardness). While it would have played differently if Will Ferrell had been replaced by a Designated Attractive Person like Brad Pitt, I didn’t think the joke was supposed to be that Will Ferrell’s body was particularly unattractive.

Also, I guess that Cary Elwes is older and gained a little bit of weight since The Princess Bride? Time to freak out? As you know, your childhood crushes are obligated to remain endlessly hot just for you, fanboys and fangirls!

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One Response to Men with imperfect bodies!

  1. G says:

    It looks like Cary Elwes’ weight has fluctuated a bit. Poor guy, he’s probably under a lot of pressure to look a certain way for his roles (just like all actors, I guess). He’s still a fabulous actor.

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